Who am I?


This is a facesaver image of me, taken at the European Unix Users Group (EUUG) London conference in 1988.

My CV in html format

I'm a relative newcomer to Usenet and GNU software.

Who am I not?

I've got some catching up to do... but for starters:

There's another Roger Willcocks in the UK (he's a 'rounded IT business leader') - I'm not him.
There's another Roger Willcocks in New Zealand (he's a web/VB developer) - I'm not him.
There's another Roger Willcocks in Australia (he's a university lecturer) - I'm not him.

What do I do?

I am currently working for a national newspaper company, developing a system to typeset classified advertising 'automagically.'

Useful programs and links

My MSC report (PDF) - 'Modelling the Description of Shapes from Examples' - an implementation of the Active Shape Model and the Point Distribution Model (includes source code.) The drawings below show the first four othogonal modes for an outstretched hand, inferred directly from example images. It may not be immediately obvious, but each vertex is moving in a straight line.

mode1.gif (37581 bytes) mode2.gif (37216 bytes)
mode4.gif (37163 bytes) mode3.gif (37094 bytes)

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